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Editorial: Are we OK? We will be

The holidays are normally a joyous time. Christmas music fills the air. Brightly colored lights blink and flash on houses in our neighborhood. And happy memories of festive gatherings of friends and loved ones come streaming back.

But 2020 is a different year, as we’re all painfully aware. The global pandemic is closing in on its one-year anniversary and each of us has had to alter our plans and celebrations as a result.

Instead of big family get-togethers, we have had to settle for FaceTime calls and Zoom meetings. Hugs with many of our loved ones this year will be virtual. Christmas parties will have to be postponed until 2021. Joyous expressions from people we pass on the street or in the store are now hidden by face coverings.

While it’s scant consolation for those missing out on this year’s conviviality, hope is just around the corner. Multiple vaccines have been developed promising incredible effectiveness, offering the promise that COVID-19 will be little more than a m...

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