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Editorial: Anniversaries to remember

What a game changer is 2020.

Occasionally an event occurs that transforms America. It may be shocking, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, or it may inspire great relief, such as the end of a war.

We are living through one of those landmark years. We will always remember 2020 with a great side dressing of sadness as the year of the coronavirus pandemic; and perhaps also for the light for racial justice that began to gleam again after the horrible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

We originally wrote this commentary in May, to mark the 50th anniversary of the shocking May 4, 1970 shooting of students by National Guard troops at Kent State University, and Victory in Europe day of May 8, 1945: the 75th anniversary of the first great ending point of World War II.

This was also, before the death of Mr. Floyd … of that coming game changer, we had no clue.

But the advance of COVID-19 across Virginia and the nation took everyone’s attention, and we had to put this commentar...

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