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Editorial: And cool it

While we are fussing, we ask our friends to turn it down a notch.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee are conducting separate investigations of the Russian affair. Supposedly the parallel House of Representatives committee is doing the same thing, but that work has apparently stalled out.

Trump himself tweeted that he is under investigation by Mueller, a statement denied by his counsel who blamed the public’s interpretation on the limits of Twitter social media.

We shall see.

The country deserves answers to questions of how much and how deeply Russia, never our friend, interfered in our electoral process. The investigators should have full power to look into this question, no matter how high it goes. We hope they will find there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign; and that there was no effort by the president to obstruct the investigation.

We hope there is no evidence, but we cannot say it did not happen. Not one of our fr...

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