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Editorial: An idea for the Mathews supervisors

To the residents and supervisors of Mathews County:

County voters have approved a tax on meals that will enhance the revenue stream and, we hope, provide the money needed to make many capital repairs and improvements for schools, volunteer fire and rescue, and sheriff’s office.

Designating the tax for this specific use seems to be a great idea. It gives residents a good reason to eat out. Eat here, and support the firefighters! Support the schools! Support the sheriff’s office!

Now in return, we would be delighted if the county took another step, one which would encourage entrepreneurs to establish more restaurants at Mathews Court House, and which would make operations easier for those already there:

Create a central water supply.

Our files indicate that this issue was studied in 1947 and later around 1995; and it surfaced again, then was buried, late in 2008. The second time around— 1993-1995—resulted from the efforts of a restaurant trying to open in the...

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