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Editorial: A public tragedy

For the family, friends and loved ones of Deanna Haywood, it is a heart-wrenching shock and the source of immeasurable grief and pain. For those with no personal connection to Saturday morning’s accident, it is something else: Part of a much wider public tragedy.

The scene is all too familiar; a promising young person about to enter the prime of life losing control of her vehicle … and her life. Here was a high school senior full of life and excitement about to go to that evening’s Mathews High School prom, taken in the blink of an eye.

The wider tragedy is that this incident is not nearly as isolated as it should be. In our communities, far too many young men and women have had their lives cut short in this way. Perhaps it’s because they lack the experience of more seasoned drivers, yet also possess the illusion of invincibility that seems to be a birthright of the young. Maybe it’s due to our rural life; while ideal in some respects for raising ch...

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