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Editorial: A matter of pride

One has to wonder about litter. After generations of teaching children "Don’t be a litterbug"; after decades of highway adoption; after many years of making it convenient for residents to recycle bottles and cans; we are still plagued with litter.

A recent report from Gloucester Community Education told that in a six-month period, July 1-Dec. 31, volunteers had picked up 3.2 TONS of trash, litter and recyclables in the county.

Obviously a lot of people pass through the county, but we have to believe that most of this litter is coming from people just going down the road, tossing out their fast food bags and beer bottles as soon as they have emptied them.

Perhaps, instead of lecturing about litter, it would be better to instill some pride in our beautiful surroundings. How to do that is a puzzle. Those who litter seem to have no interest in the health and appearance of their hometown. They are content to let someone else pick up after them as they go on their tho...

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