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Editorial: A little civility

We have all heard it:

“Boy, that candidate sure is crazy.”

“He’s really got an agenda.”

“You can be sure she’s got ulterior motives for running.”

“She’s a Nazi …” “He’s a Marxist liberal.”

Election season is here, and with it comes one of the season’s favorite spectator sports—attacking candidates running for office.

While it is normal and healthy in political dialog to have disagreements about policies and the candidates’ stand on particular issues, let’s take a step back from the labels and vitriol to remember something important:

These men and women are putting themselves out there to represent us. Candidates for local office, our friends and neighbors, are doing it because they want to give back to the community.

True, they may have other motives, but if you ask anyone on the Nov. 2 ballot why they are running, they are sure to tell you that they sincerely want to help.

They sure aren’t doing it for the money. Many would be lucky to make back what they’v...

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