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Editorial: A fair and free election

While concerns have been expressed about the integrity of Virginia’s voting system, all available evidence shows that incidents of voter fraud are few and far between, and multiple safeguards are in place to catch the rare attempt.

A look at data compiled by conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation shows that, going all the way back to 2007, there have been only 20 documented cases of voter fraud in Virginia. The only one listed for 2021 was that of a Gloucester County man who was caught attempting to vote twice in the 2020 presidential election.

Rigorous checks are in place to ensure that the rolls are kept up to date and opportunities for fraud just aren’t there. All Virginia registrars remove the names of deceased people from voting rolls. Voters are contacted whenever they move to verify their new address. And, by federal law, there is a process to remove any voter who fails to respond.

Those voting absentee must sign the envelope containing their ballot, which mus...

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