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Editorial: A cooling off

The decision on whether to leave the Mathews Confederate monument where it is will be decided by county voters next year, and that time gives all county residents a chance to reflect on the matter and for passions, we hope, to cool.

The monument hasn’t gone anywhere for more than a century and, in spite of the enflamed passions of the past few months, its removal (if that’s what the people eventually decide) likewise doesn’t have to happen immediately.

Some residents have gone their whole lives unaware that the presence of the monument has caused even the slightest offense. Others have looked upon it as an oppressive symbol of the past many years before recent events have placed a spotlight on it.

The time gives us all an opportunity to consider our neighbors’ thoughts and feelings. Mathews has always been a caring community. Residents have been quick to come to the aid of one another in times of trouble, regardless of race.

Let’s all approach this issue with open hearts a...

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