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Editorial: 100 years

This week we mark the 100th anniversary of the Gloucester Gazette, which appeared on the scene Jan. 9, 1919. Like most newspapers, it had trouble meeting its deadline. The new paper had been planned for publication on Jan. 2.

The Gazette is one of this newspaper’s ancestors, and the other, the Mathews Journal, was even older. Our oldest paper of that title dates to 1905, and it probably began in 1904, although issues from that year are missing.

The Journal and the Gazette got together in a shotgun marriage in 1937, forming the paper you hold today. We have heard the banks that furnished their respective lines of credit were losing patience in those lean years of the Great Depression, and decreed that something more businesslike must be done. Thus, the Gazette-Journal was formed of their merger.

This week we run a lovely poem by Joel Emerson of Hayes, who saw that we were about to celebrate and sent it to us. We are so grateful for his words. ...

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