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Eat your history

March has been named National Celery Month so let’s eat some history! Believed to have originated in the Mediterranean basin, the green stalk variety, which is preferred in this country, was cultivated as a medicine before 850 B.C. It became a holy plant in the classical period of Greece. Although the Romans valued celery more for cooking than for religion, the plant was thought to bring bad fortune under certain circumstances. 

It took the Italians to domesticate celery as a vegetable in the 17th century. By the 18th century in Sweden, the wealthier families were enjoying the wintertime luxury of celery that had been stored in cellars. It is not known what group of European colonists brought celery to America or when, but four cultivated varieties were listed here in 1806.

In today’s world celery is almost taken for granted. It’s available year-round and if stored properly will last up to 2-3 weeks under refrigeration. And it is used in many ways other than in...

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