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Down Memory Lane

The 2019 calendar brings us a new year and along with it we mark 40 years of weekly food stories in this newspaper. In these four decades there have been almost 2,100 articles covering people, places, events and special foods. All were very much of interest to the writer and we hope to the readers. The people who shared their lives and cooking talents are remembered most fondly.  

This article is written to help you recall the memory of those who are no longer with us. They have left us their legacy of good cooking and we hope it will be passed on from generation to generation. Only six are listed here, but there have been six multiplied many times over who are no longer with us.

Here we remember:

A story on Emma Daniels of Gloucester appeared on May 10, 1979. Emma was 73 when the interview was held and she was operating her own restaurant on Route 17 in Gloucester. She had been the first cook at the Calvin Hotel when it opened in Gloucester Court House. Cooking large amou...

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