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Dinner, a moveable feast

Dinner is a word used with different, overlapping meanings. Most often it’s the name given to the main meal of the day and depending on regional locale and tradition, it may be the second or third principal meal of the day. 


Dinner originally referred to the first meal of a two-meal day, a heavy meal occurring about noon, which broke the night’s fast in the new day. The word “dinner” comes from the French word diner, “the main meal of the day” from Old French disner (ca 1300).


The standard schedule for centuries was breakfast as the first meal and dinner at noon with a light supper at evening due to an early rise to the day (for the peasants, middle class workers and even royals) and with only oil or candlelight for the evening, it was always early to bed usually at dusk. However, having dinner at noon was sometimes shifted around or delayed due to work. Thus it would take place later in the afternoon around four or five....

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