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David “Doug or Dougie” Douglas Conner of Hayes, was born Nov. 16, 1964 and was called to his eternal home on April 8, 2020 to be with his parents, David Rocky Conner and Sandra Hall Conner, and his sister, Sherri Leigh Conner.

Doug has a little brother, Michael Scott Conner, that he grew up with in Hampton and in Gloucester, Doug and Michael always used to play and pick on each other. There is always a story that comes to mind of the two picking on each other and that was Michael came running into the house claiming that he had killed an elephant in the backyard and was so convincing, Doug followed him outside and they looked all around till Michael finally convinced Doug that a tiger must have dragged the elephant off.

Doug went to Gloucester High School where he was always picking on one of his best friends, Holland Hart. Doug would always stir up some trouble in the back of the class and blame it on Holland and when Holland would be kicked out of the classroom to wait in the hall, Doug would kick the wall and blame that too on Holland causing the teacher to go out in the hall to yell at Holland. Doug dropped out in the 12th grade because football season was over and the cheerleaders weren’t dancing for him. He went on to learn what it was to enter the real world working at gas stations and driving his Z28 Camaro all around the Hampton Roads area and even caused some trouble with the boys in blue. Doug was known for driving fast and everyone had a story about his Z28. Once his dad, David Rocky Conner, was able to calm him down some, Doug was able to get his GED and started working in the mailroom at Unidyne. From the mailroom, Doug was able to work his way up through working in the machine shop to becoming one of the most active Contract Leaders in the Norfolk, Virginia, Unidyne Office. While Doug was working for Unidyne he met his wife who gave him two wonderful children, David Lee Conner and Ceejay Conner. He would refer to them as Awesome Son Dave and Awesome Daughter Ceejay, Doug also had a niece who was just like a daughter to him, Jessica Leigh Conner. Doug enjoyed many activities with his awesome kids such as jet skis, boating, fishing, camping, firearm marksmanship and many others. Doug was also the grandfather to a beautiful granddaughter, Kelani Rose whose parents are David and his fiancé Gina Digiacomo. Doug always tried to make time for family; he enjoyed doing dinner with Jessi and her boyfriend Daniel Rutherford and his brother Michael. Doug would also make trips to North Carolina to spend time with Ceejay and her boyfriend Shawn Snowberger. They would go and play with some firearms and go out to dinner. When Doug was in his free time, he enjoyed NASCAR and always rooted for that Rowdy Kyle Bush. Doug and his puppy Trip are definitely Kyle’s biggest fans. Doug had the great pleasure to call Kyle and Samantha Bush friends as he enjoyed helping them with their charities and supporting them on race day. Most people that have met Doug and who would have made a statement something like “Doug was a kind, caring and wonderful person. He touched so many lives and was the most giving person I have ever met. No matter where he went, he always made a friend. He was one to always keep people smiling and laughing. He was one of the bluntest and most outspoken persons you would meet.” Either you loved him, or you didn’t, nine times out of 10 they loved him.

Doug was a family man. He loved his parents, brother, children, niece, and granddaughter endlessly. He would have done anything for them. Doug was definitely the entertainment everywhere he went. Doug will definitely be missed by all.

The family is planning a small personal memorial service and will have a bigger service once the time is right due to the current situation with COVID-19. So please, until then, all who knew Doug: rev your engines, play your Metallica really loud and have a drink in his name.

If you are wishing to make a donation for Doug, he would recommend donations to the Bundle of Joy Fund that’s run by Kyle and Samantha Bush.