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Crowe wins patent for his high-flying device

Bill Crowe hopes to fly high with his new patent. The Port Haywood resident was recently granted a patent for his Centrifugal Force Amplification, a breakthrough in flight that he believes has commercial applications.

Crowe, a retired commercial pilot, created his patent to be implemented as a new system to generate lift for aircraft. The full name of his patent is Centrifugal Force Amplification and Systems for Generating Vehicle Lift.

His design features a ring within another ring spinning in opposite directions. The force generated by the rings’ spinning works with the Earth’s rotation to cause lift. Crowe said he believes this system would be a more efficient and ecofriendly method than the ones presently used by planes and rockets.

The Centrifugal Force Amplification would be able to lift a mass, such as a satellite, into low Earth orbit. As for planes, it would allow them to climb much higher than they currently can. “The great advantage of doing this is the...

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