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County functioning well despite lacking administrator

Mathews County is currently functioning without a county administrator on a daily basis, but not to worry. According to Mathews Board of Supervisors chair Janine Burns, departments are handling their affairs just fine.

Interim "go-to" persons have been designated to deal with specific activities and questions, said Burns, and everyone on staff is "responding to our transition conditions responsibly and professionally."

In addition, former county administrator Steve Whiteway continues to be available to help out as needed, and he’s working with incoming county administrator Mindy Moran to ensure a smooth transition.

In late fall, Whiteway initiated the 2013 budget development process, said Burns, requesting draft budgets from various departments and agencies. The county recently appointed Moran as Whiteway’s replacement, and the two are already talking about the budget and the county’s major projects. Moran will start working in Mathews in m...

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