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Camellias come alive in fall

If you are searching for a pretty plant to begin blooming this fall in your garden, look no further than the camellia.Lewis Hubbard of Cardinal, enjoys his camellias year-round, especially when they begin to bloom in the late fall.

“I happen to love camellias,” said Hubbard.

And love them he does. Hubbard has approximately 85 camellia plants of all shapes, sizes, colors and blooms. Some like the sunlight, while others thrive in shady environments. All of his camellias are perfectly planted and arranged around his house, in his backyard and they are also placed at the front of the drive to welcome visitors.

“They’re a pretty plant,” said Hubbard.

Some of his eye-catching camellias include the Junie Lancaster of the species Japonica which has light red blooms with yellow anthers and pink filaments; Autumn Rocket belongs to the Sasanqua species and is white with yellow anthers and white filaments; and his favorite being the Donckelarii of the species Japonica which varies in ...

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