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Brown bench presses 300 to win Fort Bragg title

For the fifth consecutive year, John Brown of Ordinary, has vanquished the field at the Fort Bragg, N.C., Bench Press Weightlifting Competition.

On March 12, Brown, 51, lifted a personal best 300 pounds and walked off with the trophy for his age group (35 and older) and weight (181-198 pounds). In 2010, he pressed 280 pounds for his win and set 300 as the goal he met this year.

The retired Army Airborne drill sergeant, now a policeman at the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, said his main competitor is himself, keeping fit and able to do more than he could a year earlier.

He has joked about retiring from competition, and says seriously that he knows he could look over his shoulder any year to find a new champion coming up fast behind him. However, the thrill of doing more is in his blood; "It’s something I enjoy doing," said Brown, who maintains a steady workout regimen and is careful about what he eats. "I’ll know when it’s time to quit and be...

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