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Beauty wherever you turn

Mother Nature is putting on quite a show. Please send your photos to

Irises and fringe tree from Roxanna and Bill Andersen’s garden in Hayes.

Molly and Ted Broderson of North sent a photo of a wild thistle.

Flowers in Hallieford, sent by Janet Clark.

Gabbie Crowder of Bavon has a plant showing a pink flower in a sea of purple.

Guy Hudgins took this photo of a rhododendron more than 20 feet tall and more than 50 years old at the home of Mildred and Ellis Hudgins on Queens Creek in Mathews.

James Eaton of Hallieford found wrens’ nests in the begonia and cyclamen.

Yellow peony sent by Mairi Furniss of North.

Purple rhododendron at the home of Martha Thompson Hudgins, Gloucester.

Dean Marzocca sent photos from his Gloucester home, including Paulownia and calycanthus floridus.

Deb Buchanan of Gwynn is enjoying delicious strawberries which grow at the edge of her flower bed.

Amaryllis in full bloom sent by ...

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