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Baseball fever hits Mathews County

110 YEARS AGOThursday, April 25, 1912from the Mathews Journal

If the energy devoted to making a racket at Mathews Baseball Park could be compressed and utilized it would furnish 60,000,000,000,000 horse power, almost enough to push a man off the water wagon.

To reproduce the noise would require a phonograph as large as the new High School Building, and the record would deafen the natives of Oobjjwa, Australia.

If the heat caused by rank decision could be piped, we could grow oranges at the North Pole.

If the boys win, the inhabitants of Mars will not get a wink of sleep.

If the boys lose the gloom would make a fog of such density that if it were placed over London the natives would not see the sun for 67,453 years.

Therefore, we hope that the best* team wins.

*The boys, not the scrub men.

100 YEARS AGOThursday, April 27, 1922from the Gloucester Gazette

Rev. J.L. Pribble, a superannuate of the Virginia Conference, died Monday at his home, White’s Neck, Ma...

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