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Banana split recipes



135 servings

2 sections of vinyl gutter 4” wide with a flat bottom (worked well to sit level on the table), also connector and end caps

Freezer paper:  used to line the gutter (taped under to hold in place) and for the cookie sheets to freeze scoops of ice cream

Neapolitan ice cream, 8-9 gallons

7-8 bunches of bananas

2 large bottles of Hershey’s chocolate syrup

2-3 cans of whipped cream 

1½ containers (10.5-oz.) rainbow sprinkles

6 large jars of maraschino cherries

Line cookie sheets with freezer paper. Scoop ice cream crosswise to include all 3 flavors in each scoop and place on cookie sheets. Depending on number of servings and space available, you may need to move scoops to large container (large tin pan) once frozen to free up cookie sheet space for more scoops. Scooping ice cream early will save time at assembly. Line gutter sections with freezer paper 20-25 minutes prior to e...

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