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Baking rounds out a full schedule for area educator

She describes herself as a "wayward Girl Scout," and although Scouts have always been a very important part of her life, Rhoda-Jo Stress has worked, and continues working, in education. Somewhere in her busy schedule she finds time to cook, "especially baking. I love to bake and baking breads are my favorite way, I think."

Rhoda-Jo explains, "I have just always been cooking. At home I would always say, ‘I’ll do the cooking’ and did. At age 14 I picked up some cooking skills. I was at Girl Scout camp and worked under a real cook. My dad always said there was nothing so good as homemade bread. Maybe that’s why bread is my favorite thing to make and bake. Baking is not only a fun method of cooking, it gives me the pleasure of baking something I can share with others, too. It is always low-cal."

And share Rhoda-Jo graciously does. One never knows when she will enter with a bag of treats; when she is having a meeting or doing a fun...

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