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Artisan bread recipes


Makes four 1-lb. loaves. The recipe is easily doubled or halved.


3 c. lukewarm water

1½ Tbs. granulated yeast (1½ packets)

1½ Tbs. kosher or other coarse salt

6½ c. unsifted, unbleached, all-purpose white flour, measured with the scoop-and-sweep method

Warm the water slightly. It should feel just a little warmer than body temperature, about 100°F. Warm water will make the dough rise to the right point for storage in about 2 hours. You can use cold tap water and get identical final results; then the rising will take 3 or even 4 hours. That won’t be too great a difference as you will only be doing this once per stored batch.

Add yeast and salt to the water in a 5-quart bowl or, preferably in a resealable, lidded (not airtight) plastic container or food-grade bucket. Don’t worry about getting it all dissolved. Mix in flour; kneading is unnecessary. Add all of the flour at once,...

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