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Archeological review/assessment complete for Werowocomoco

The final version of the Archeological Overview and Assessment of Werowocomoco, located on the north side of the York River in Gloucester, is completed.

This 183-page report summarizes the current state of archeological research and offers direction for future preservation and management of the archeological resources found on this historical site.

“This report, our archeological findings, and the recommendations that follow are intended to be a step along the path and a guide for the NPS to follow,” wrote the authors, a group of archeologists from DATA Investigations, LLC, a firm that directs multiple archeological projects and large-scale excavations focused on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck of Virginia.

The National Park Service will review the report, which covers the significant periods of history and the archeological resources on-site, and use it as a primary research document on which future research is based.

It will be used to inform geophysical surveys a...

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