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A taste of Ukrainian cooking, served in Gloucester

“Ukrainian cuisine is known to be inventive and various, abundant and hospitable, warm and domestic. Many features of its cuisine are caused by the way of the nation’s life style, the most part of which used to go in for plowman work. This hard job demanded nourishing, caloric food…”

This excerpt is from a beautiful framed plaque on the dining room wall in the home of Oksana Makowiec in Gloucester. She can meet every aspect of the preparation and cooking of Ukrainian food of which this beautiful plaque describes.

Oksana is a native of the Carpathian region of Ukraine who has been living in this country for a little over 25 years. She maintains her native ways of cooking and graciously shares with others, making meals, “the way my grandmother and mother cooked. I learned from them. I love to cook. And the best way for me to show you how and what we cook, I have prepared a main meal that would be served in the middle of the day, our biggest meal, for you.”

Oksana explained, “We...

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