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A standout among fruits

If the praises of the avocado could be put to music what a song it would be. The avocado is a sight to behold, with its green to purple to black skin with green-yellow shading and its yellow-green flesh that treats the palate, with its satiny buttery texture, a unique mild flavor. At its peak the avocado brings joy through the last mouthful.

Is the avocado a fruit, vegetable or berry? Well, it is actually a member of the berry family, and it is a fruit. One of the earliest fruits consumed in Mesoamerica, tt dates back almost 10,000 years in the Coxcatlan region of Puebla in Central Mexico, and from there it spread around the world. Today the avocado is among the most important and traded tropical fruit in the world. Mexico is still its major producer; California is the major producer in the United States.

The avocado got its name from the Spanish explorers. They couldn’t pronounce the Aztec word for the fruit known as ahuacati. Through the years and in various countries, th...

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