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A special place

One treasured spot on Gwynn’s Island in Mathews County is a small section known as Cherry Point where once a long point of slightly curved land extended to the mouth of the Piankatank River, making it a perfect swimming hole. Erosion has taken its toll and in 2003 Hurricane Isabel took what was left. But the bank, from which this point once projected, with its shores also reaching the Chesapeake Bay, today is very much alive and active.

Forty homes are closely nestled on this site known as Cherry Point. Twenty of the occupants are permanent residents, and the remaining ones are weekend and summer residents. So devoted are they to their treasured land that a Cherry Point Property Owners Association was formed decades ago.

The purpose of the association is to attend to the roads, the boat ramp, beautification and the park. That’s a partial list of projects that are carried on today. At the present time Mickey Ramer serves as president. The association meets twice a year, sp...

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