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A piece of Gloucester County history, and also a bit of a mystery

A piece of Gloucester history, and a bit of a mystery as well, was recently uncovered while packing for a move. Actually, the more appropriate word might be “un-coverlet.”

Jean Corr came across the white coverlet, or bedspread, while going through a lifetime’s worth of family items at Roadview Farm in Gloucester.

The coverlet is all white, including the embroidery. In addition to a few decorative leaves, something about the embroidery caught Jean Corr’s eye—the sheet was filled with a long list of names, stitched in script, including many familiar Gloucester County surnames.

She guesses that the coverlet, may be about a century old or more, was presented to her late husband’s grandfather, the Rev. Harry L. Corr, from grateful parishioners. Only thing is, she’s not exactly sure which church, or churches, it came from.

The Rev. Mr. Corr, born in 1865 in a home on the same land where Roadview Farm now stands, served as pastor for a number of Gloucester churches during his len...

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