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A new way of cooking – American food fascinates Lucy Weller, who is studying its preparation

She is a long way from what once was her permanent home. Now living in the United States, there is so much she wants to learn. And one of Dr. Lucy (Yi Zhang) Weller’s desires is to learn how to cook “the American way. I’m becoming like the young people—a ‘foodie.’”

In the year and a half since David Weller and Lucy were married in St. James Anglican Church in Gloucester, Lucy, who grew up in China, has been trying to comprehend the type of cooking her husband and friends do in this country. She has become fascinated with it.

“You know in my country we cook in smaller amounts with small pieces of ingredients. We use noodles instead of bread. Breads and cakes are bought. There are many types of noodles: Yang Chun noodles, lanzheu noodles, jing fancy noodles and the list goes on.* When we buy seafood it’s alive except the shrimp (the fish are swimming and the clams are making themselves known). They are cleaned and dressed before l...

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