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A hardy Kiwi Vine that refuses to grow

Many of the “Gardening Corner” columns arise from questions asked by friends, neighbors, and readers. Their questions provide the best topics, because they reflect real problems, and not just subjects I pick because I like a certain plant, or have had problems with a specific garden pest.

This week’s question came from our neighbor, Judith, who planted three hardy kiwi vines that stubbornly refuse to grow beyond about two inches. Kiwi vine was a new topic for me. I’m not sure I realized that kiwis grow on vines, but they do, and they will grow in our region, which is why Judith is so perplexed that her vines refuse to budge. Normally, kiwi vines grow prolifically, and require several prunings a year to keep them in check, but I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s get back to basics.

Around 60 species of kiwifruit exist. The one most commonly found in supermarkets is Actinidia deliciosa, the fuzzy brown fruit with uniquely flavored, green flesh and edible, black seeds. Two other...

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