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5 tips to successfully sell your car

(METRO) Selling a used vehicle does not have to be a complicated process. But too often private sellers struggle to sell their vehicles because they are unsure of how to do so. A little information on the selling process can make it easy to unload vehicles quickly and at prices that sellers desire.

Know the market. The experts at Edmunds say sellers should research the market before putting their vehicles up for sale. Compare the prices of similar makes and models, and track whether those vehicles are moving quickly. Cars that are hot commodities will sell relatively quickly. Even though these may not be the flashy vehicles, family sedans, trucks and vans tend to turn over fast. Convertibles, classic cars or those with special features may take longer to move and will have to be priced accordingly.

Determine the vehicle’s worth. Just because sellers want to get predetermined amounts for their vehicles doesn’t mean those figures are the going rates for their cars and trucks. Usin...

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