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200 saucers of ice cream served

115 YEARS AGOThursday, June 11, 1908from the Mathews Journal

The picnic, which was held at Bethel Church, on Friday night last, to raise money for a children’s day collection, proved a great success considering the inclement weather. Though everything seems rather dull, the congregation was greatly surprised, on last Sunday morning, to hear the Superintendent report having raised about thirty-five ($35) dollars, clear of all expenses, after having served about two hundred (200) saucers of ice cream to the Sunday School free.

110 YEARS AGOThursday, June 12, 1913from the Mathews Journal

In the news around Dixie, the people of this town are just feasting on king billies and Irish potatoes. This is the best place on earth to live if you want to sport and get fat.

T.O. McAdoo has the prettiest watermelon patch in Mathews.

Ernest Minter had his launch up on the Dixie railway last week. L.S. Booker had his launch hauled out at Dixie.

100 YEARS AGOThursday, June 14, 1923...

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