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Treatment of BP justified

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Kemp’s letter (Readers Write 7/8/10, "Pressure exerted on BP…") admonishes the U.S. government for using "a certain amount of pressure" to force BP to commit $20B for a compensation fund connected with their oil spill disaster. He is also distressed over the disrespectful treatment of their CEO, Mr. Hayward, during a recent congressional hearing and by members of the current administration.

As an apologist for BP, Mr. Kemp must not be aware of or is ignoring BP’s record of habitual disregard for safety, leading the industry in OSHA violations by having demonstrated either an "intentional disregard for the requirements of the (law), or showed plain indifference to employee safety and health." OSHA records show BP with 760 "egregious, willful" safety violations, while Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips each had eight, Citgo had two and Exxon had one. At the same time, the SEC reports that BP’s pro...

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