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Time to stop this wild spending spree

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

One of your recent "letters to the editor" requires a reply. It is full of what I would consider poorly reasoned comments.

"Yes, increasing our multi-trillion dollar national debt is a dangerous course of action. But how dangerous is the alternative?" Let’s see. How about we cut gradually back on government spending, flatten the tax so that the top 1% don’t pay 40% of the income tax and the bottom 50% at least pay some small amount. I think that would be less dangerous than this wild spending spree. Liberals/progressives simply don’t understand giving away someone else’s money is not being generous; it’s stealing.

"Yes, we can do it again. Bill Clinton was running a surplus when he left office." Absolutely true. The American people woke up and threw the liberals out of Congress in 1994. Congress spends the money. Also the people overthrew "Hillary Care." Bill Clinton also got welfare ...

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