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Preserve New Point Comfort Lighthouse

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Today I read about Mr. Earl Soles and all of the folks who are campaigning to procure funds for the restoration of the New Point Comfort Lighthouse. It is so sad to ride out in the river and see a few barren pilings, covered with seagull white wash. You are told that at one time a beautiful cottage style lighthouse once stood there. Now only an automatic beacon reminds us of a once proud tradition.

I finished writing two volumes about lighthouses on the east coast from Nova Scotia to the swamps of Key Biscayne. Each one has its own intriguing story of folklore to tell. Mr. Olive of Coke told me stories about the Page’s Rock Lighthouse. I could visualize the walls of mahogany wood, and the panoramic view of the York River. He told of oyster boats tying up to the base to count their catch for the day. They then climbed up inside the cottage to enjoy an oyster stew with the keeper.

This is a poem that depicts the efforts of a few people to preserve a...

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