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Letter: What patriotism and Christianity really mean

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This letter is in reference to the letters written by Dawn Dale.

For quite some time I have read Ms. Dale’s letters to this fine newspaper and many times I was tempted to write something back, but I did not. But since her last letter ("Losing respect of the greatest generation," July 1) was so insulting, I cannot resist writing a reply.

She obviously likes to wear her so-called patriotism and religion on her sleeve, but seems to be confused about what they really are.

Patriotism is a love of country, not an ideology of how you think the country should be. As a Christian myself, one of the basic beliefs is to be tolerant of your fellow man. Tolerance does not mean insulting half the population of this country by saying they do not love it.

I think that before Ms. Dale writes her next letter, she should do two things. First, think about what patriotism and Christianity really mean. And second, please start getting news and information ...

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