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Letter: Use legal fireworks; protect animals

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As the 4th of July is almost here, I’d like to remind your readers of the dangers of fireworks, both legal and illegal, when used around unsuspecting livestock and pets. By state regulation, illegal fireworks are described as any fireworks that explode and/or leave the ground.

Each year, we have many newcomers who have probably never lived near livestock thus not realizing the chaos they can provoke with fireworks. Frightened livestock can easily panic and bolt through a fence, or try to go over a stall door, either situation being extremely dangerous not only to them but to any unsuspecting person who may be in their flight of fright path. Gloucester County has a lot of horses and my biggest fear is always the panicked herd that takes off into the dark on the road where no one is expecting them to be. Usually when horses and traffic collide, especially in the dark, horses are killed and drivers are seriously injured or also killed…not someth...

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