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Letter: ‘Sleep now, Judy…We have the watch’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In a world where vacation means "rest," "retreat" or simply a "break" for most of us, there lived a Judy Ward who never grasped the concept. Like an untended candle, she remained a light in the window, fed, pushed, prodded by a sense of duty to others that haunted and deprived her of rest even through months of sickness and debilitation until finally, flickering feebly, she burned herself out.

For those of us, and there are many, who drew strength, hope and faith from the belief that she would always be there for us, we are left with the choice of feeling our way through the darkness or lighting our own candle in tribute to her.

If, in these days of mourning, a candle burned in windows throughout the entire county, it would still not touch the debt that we, as a community, owe her. But it just might light the way for the beginning of her journey to hard-earned rest. Sleep now, Judy Ward. We have the watch.

Charlotte Crist...

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