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Letter: Shepherds have become the sheep

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Churches have been making news lately. But the news, with few exceptions, is pointing out that the shepherds have become the sheep.

What should be of concern to most Americans is the apathy displayed by the majority of our church leaders. Once upon a time our churches were God’s fortresses, protecting our Judeo-Christian values against those who would seek to destroy them. In recent years, however, the vast majority of our churches have become pathetic and weak, afraid to stand up to the purveyors of political correctness who now control what can and cannot be said, or prayed, in public.

Many preachers are now watering down their sermons to make certain any references to Biblical sins are removed for fear of being prosecuted for "hate speech" by those doing the sinning.

On the night that Jesus was arrested, and later crucified, one of his closest disciples, Peter, told Jesus that he would never forsake him. Jesus replied: You will fors...

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