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Letter: Ruffling a few feathers

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Land sake! What is our staid weekly chronicle setting before Gloucester’s (and Mathews’s) chaste gaze? A pair of cardinals … and both male! Parenting!

Not long ago, one of the alert guardians of the morals of America’s youth insisted that our library remove a children’s book because two male penguins cared for an egg or chick.

I do hope they won’t insist our Gazette-Journal must be pulled from public view!

Mary Hyde Berg

Gloucester, Va.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author is referring to a Father’s Day cartoon by Art Miller that ran in last week’s Gazette-Journal. While it appears that both birds in the picture are male cardinals (the female cardinal does not have the characteristic black mask), we do not know if that was the artist’s intent.

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