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Letter: Losing respect of the greatest generation

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The men and women of what is called "The Greatest Generation" were brought up with great respect for our nation, and were taught to read and appreciate our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These men and women had a real passion and love for America and even though they didn’t want to leave their family and had no desire to die or to kill anyone else, they did love their country and what they accomplished is forever proof what this love for country can do. They did this without any guidance from the politically correct believers that exist now.

The so-called progressives on the left have zero love for America and even less for our Constitution and the values that grew from it. The issue of homosexuality is not new and has always existed in all societies. Our Bible, along with other faiths’ writings, identifies homosexuality as a sin, just as adultery and other weaknesses of humanity are. When some try to force the res...

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