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Letter: Founders did not intend to banish God

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the vision of The Founders, government has specific powers and cannot simply do whatever it wants. We also have a civil society, a concept of protected space in which free men exercise business and commerce relatively free from state control. Finally, we have our Constitution with its arrangements of separation of powers, checks and balances, and a free press. Of late we hear much about the separation of church and state; however, this simply means that the church cannot get involved in the matters of state and the state cannot get involved in the matters of the church.

The Founders did not intend to banish God from discourse of government. The Declaration of Independence reflects The Founders’ intention clearly. Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin were probably the least devout of The Founders, yet both affirmed a belief in God. When Jefferson declared the source for human equality, it was none other than the Creator. The Declaration refers to Go...

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