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Letter: Downside of Father’s Day

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Father’s Day many of us were reminded why raising children can be both hard and rewarding. To have decent law-abiding adults honor you with their calls, cards or just their company to say thanks is reward enough and if you are lucky, a small inexpensive gift doesn’t hurt either. Some were fortunate enough to celebrate high school graduation this year at this time. For a child to do well and have at least high school under their belts is a great family event. To those who did, congratulations and good luck.

For me and several neighbors on my road, Father’s Day also had a downside. Some social miscreant coming down Rt. 198 about noon decided our road was a great place to dump a truckload of party trash. Their Tervis Tumbler boxes, gift boxes from Williams-Sonoma mingled with loads of empty beer boxes (strangely the bottles and cans were gone, must be recyclers) and $300 worth of food scraps (found the signed receipt). I think there is a...

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