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Letter: Arrogant government not just in D.C. anymore

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I find myself deeply saddened to discover that the arrogance of our local "public servants" is every bit as great as those national political types in D.C.

Watching Gloucester County go through the real estate reassessment process had been painful from the start. With an understaffed, underqualified department and a slap-dash, last-minute rush … the results are an embarrassment. In speaking with my neighbors and many other residents of Gloucester County, it is very clear that the valuation of real estate in the county is more arbitrary, capricious and inaccurate than it ever has been.

To make matters worse, the incompetence has been compounded by an arrogance that would make the folks in D.C. proud. I received my new assessment and was shocked to find a 35 percent increase was in the envelope. Did they ever enter the house? No. Did they measure the buildings for accurate square footages? No.

So, I filed my first appeal of the assessme...

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