Sadler seeks second term on school board

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jul 31, 2019 - 01:09 PM

Mathews County School Board member Jeanice Sadler has announced that she is seeking another four-year term on the board.

Sadler, 74, said she is running again because she is passionate about all students receiving a quality education. She said she will continue to focus on safety, excellent standard classes, dual enrollment, AP courses, workforce development, internships, and the proper application of IEP & 504 plans.

In addition, she said she is promoting the addition of a pure phonics program in elementary school, starting in kindergarten, in order to significantly improve students’ reading.

Sadler said she encourages the necessary steps to improve curriculum and instruction in order to increase students’ ability in mathematics and that she is a proponent of fair pay for teachers, eliminating course fees for students, and updating school facilities.

The application of restorative discipline instead of zero tolerance is another focus point for Sadler. She said that zero tolerance removes discretionary decision-making and focuses on harsh punishment regardless of the type of behavior, whether minor or extreme. It tends to criminalize students and creates a negative environment, she said, while restorative discipline fosters a caring attitude and a positive environment, providing analytical and constructive steps to improve student behavior and accountability for their actions. Restorative discipline also considers mitigating circumstances, she said, adding that a safe and professional atmosphere is the best for education.

Sadler said she is a student advocate who is always available to speak with parents. Her background includes work as a substitute teacher, a church administrative director for volunteer programs, an administrative assistant at American University, an administrative assistant to the senior partner in a law firm, and nursing. She is a member of PEO, an organization that promotes women’s education.

Sadler has six children who graduated from Mathews High School, with her youngest child graduating in 2018. She is married to Tim Sadler. They attend Living Waters Church and reside at Cobbs Creek.