Mathews student art show Sunday

- Posted on May 15, 2019 - 01:18 PM

Artworks by students at Mathews County Public Schools will be exhibited from 1-3 p.m. Sunday at the Mathews County Woman’s Clubhouse on Route 14.

This is the annual student art show sponsored by the club, which has already had the materials judged by Gloucester artist Nancy Burch. Student artwork from Lee-Jackson Elementary, Thomas Hunter Middle and Mathews High schools is included.

A release said blue, red, and yellow ribbons were given for the artwork with one Best in Show chosen from the blue-ribbon winners in each school.  Cate Christopher of Lee-Jackson Elementary won for her drawing, Andrew Greve of Thomas Hunter won with a pencil drawing and Nicole Brown of Mathews High won with a mixed media painting.  These students will receive a gift certificate from the Bay School Community Arts Center in Mathews, the club said.

Jamie Callis, chair of the art committee for the Mathews County Woman’s Club, thanked art teachers Vanessa Fry, Alex Boric and Rachael Morris for their “inspiration, dedication and hard work given on a daily basis to our students.  We would not be able to do this show without their help in choosing the art, organizing the categories and preparing the art to highlight the work done throughout the year.  Please come and see some of our students’ outstanding work.”

Winners by category and grade include the following:

Kindergarten, miscellaneous/collage: Alex Pearson, blue; Micah Guidry, red; Ellie Sowers, yellow.

Kindergarten, drawing/marker: McKinley Wiatt, blue; Naomi Gomez-Vicente, yellow.

Kindergarten, print making: Charlotte Fielding, blue; Micah Guidry, red; Madison Hudgins, yellow.

Kindergarten, mixed media/painting:  Brandy Minor, blue; Marie Hudgins, red; McKinley Wiatt, yellow.

Kindergarten, drawing/crayon: Liliana Jaeger, blue; Austin Sadler, red; Marie Hudgins, yellow.

Kindergarten, mixed media/painting: Charlotte Fielding, blue; Madison Ball, red; Abby Morgan, yellow.

First grade, drawing/marker: Kate Small, blue; Greyson Dehoux, red; River Menke, yellow.

First grade, painting/tempera: Ryleigh Eskins, blue; Chase Murphy, red.

First grade, mixed media/weaving: Kate Small, blue; Declan Rose, red; India Holloway, yellow.

First grade, mixed media/painting: Greyson Dehoux, blue; Gracie Hellebrandt, red; Kate Small, yellow.

First grade, drawing/crayon: Tahi Darby-Green, blue; Liam Tiller, red.

First grade, model magic sculpture: Paige Morris, blue.

Second grade, painting/tempera: Natalie Davis, blue.

Second grade, drawing/marker: Hailey Proctor, blue.

Second grade, model magic sculpture: Falon Cook, blue.

Third grade, mixed media/drawing: Abigail Clark, blue; Trent Hudson, red; Isabella Borros, yellow.

Third grade, drawing/tempera: Ethan White, blue.

Third grade, drawing/marker/crayon: Corey Zheng, blue.

Third grade, painting/tempera: Alexis Veasey, blue; McKenzie Hudgins, red.

Third grade, model magic sculpture: Zoe Menke, blue; Kylee Swanson, red.

Third grade, weaving: Bentlea Lawrence, blue; Jordan Sadeg, red; Tandi Pelfrey, yellow.

Fourth grade, mixed media/drawing: Cate Christopher, blue; Savannah Bass, red; Franklin Morse, yellow.

Fourth grade, drawing/markers: Matthew Williams, blue; Jordan Sadeg, red.

Fourth grade, painting/watercolor: Aimen Suthard, blue; Savannah Bass, red.

Fourth grade, painting/watercolor: Lilyanna Respress, blue; Jordan Sadeg, red; Zac Salvadori, yellow.

Fourth grade, mixed media/painting: Brandon Webb, blue.

Fourth grade, painting/watercolor: Cristian Miranda, blue; Asher Raub, red.

Fourth grade, miscellaneous/leaf relief: Vanessa Boyd, blue.

Fourth grade, drawing/pastels/candy canes: Zac Salvadori, blue; Jordan Sadeg, red; Maddi Lowe, yellow.

Fourth grade, drawing/pastels/hearts: Lilyanna Respress, blue.

Fourth grade, paper mâché/animals: Lilyanna Respress, blue; Tandi Pelfrey, red.

Fourth grade, paper mâché/pencils: Asher Raub, blue.

Fourth grade, model magic sculpture: Franklin Morse, blue.

Fourth grade, model magic leaf: Savannal Bass, blue.

Fifth grade, drawing/marker: Carys Casper, blue; Ella Ward, red; Hannah McBurney, yellow.

Fifth grade, paper mâché: Hannah Davis, blue.

Sixth grade, drawing/pastels: Layla Edwards, blue; Angel Shultz, red; Lindsay Coons, yellow.

Sixth grade, drawing/tempera: Haley Hoell, blue; Katherine Murphy, red; Olivia Witton, yellow.

Sixth grade, paper mâché: Lindsay Coons, blue.

Seventh grade, drawing/pastels: Alex Leavell, blue.

Seventh grade, drawing/pencil: Andrew Greve, blue; Lanie Wilson, red.

Seventh grade, mixed media/painting: Gabrielle Lewis, blue; Aiden Sowers, red.

Seventh grade, drawing/pen and ink: Jonathan Monastyrly, blue; Claire Kraimer, red; Savannah Collins, yellow.

Seventh grade, paper mâché: Madeline Miller, blue.

Eighth grade, drawing/pencil: Lillian Copeland, blue; Anna Raub, red; Olivia Ashbaugh, yellow.

Eighth grade, mixed media/painting: Macy Johnson, blue.

Eighth grade, mixed media/pastels: Olivia Ashbaugh, blue; Tylee Kidd, red.

Eighth grade, drawing/pen and ink: Olivia Ashbaugh, blue; Sara Abbitt, red; Cody Deagle, yellow.

Eighth grade, paper mâché: Jocelyn Oliver, blue; Chelsea Armistead, red; Sarah Ashbaugh, yellow.

Grades 9-12:

Print making/traditional: Avery Betz, blue; Zoe Sawyer, red.

Drawing/colored pencils: Hannah Hirschberg, blue.

Painting/tempera: Avery Betz, blue; Hannah Hirschberg, red.

Print making/non-traditional: Olivia Wood, blue; Hailey Burton, red; Caroline Evans, yellow.

Miscellaneous/collage: Nicole Brown, blue; Ashton Ness, red; Sarah Brown, yellow.

Painting/watercolor: Bret Clarke, blue; Nicole Brown, red.

Drawing/scratch board: Avery Betz, blue.

Mixed media/painting: Nicole Brown, blue.