Ware students lay wreath at Tomb of Unknowns

Kim Robins - Posted on Nov 14, 2018 - 01:27 PM

Four Ware Academy students had the rare honor this month of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Ware’s five eighth grade student leaders—Sophie Kissman, Glovier Denison, Colton Bonniville, Ethan Gardiner and Samuel Strawn—were set to lay the wreath. After arriving, they were told only four could participate, and Kissman drew the short straw. 

Although Kissman did not participate in the official ceremony, she was there to take it all in along with other members of Ware’s Upper School and their parents that made the Nov. 1 trip. Four of the student leaders offered their thoughts on the experience.

Kissman, Glovier, Bonniville and Gardiner said they all have relatives buried at Arlington. Gardiner said he and the other wreath bearers were given instructions when they arrived, but they already had a general idea of the wreath-laying procedure. 

“We walked it (the wreath) up to where the soldiers were, and they brought it out,” said Bonniville. “It was very memorable. Very somber and sad at the same time.”

“It was very special just to be there and seeing it. Going through the ceremony, I knew it was an honor and that we honored hundreds of people,” Gardiner said.

“To me, it reminded me of my family buried there. It was surreal, quiet, kind of like you were in a dream,” said Glovier, whose grandfather was a Vietnam veteran and also made the trip. 

“When I got home, my grandfather and uncle were very proud. They said very few have gotten to do this and I had been honored to have the opportunity,” said Glovier.