GHS students win NASA video contest

- Posted on Jun 06, 2018 - 01:16 PM

A group of five students from Gloucester High School won the NASA HUNCH Mission Video Challenge, the NASA Johnson Space Center announced.

The HUNCH Video Challenge is an annual contest and the video produced by the GHS students will be used to support NASA educational opportunities.

The infomercial was produced by John Walsh, with the assistance of Timothy Sullivan, Jamie Cook, Sidney Steward and Caitlin Holloway.

HUNCH stands for High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware. Along with winning the contest, the students were given a tour at NASA Langley. The tour included the following technical branches: Media Solutions, Photographics, Graphics, Printing/Duplication, Audiovisual, Video Production Studio and Auditorium/Theater A/V.

The students attended an awards ceremony on May 24 where they received their individual certificates and an award for the NASA HUNCH Video Challenge, sent from NASA Johnson Space Center, which contained a patch that had been flown in space. Gloucester High School has been working with the NASA HUNCH program for the past five years and plans to continue to do so in the future, according to GHS television production instructor Catrona C. Hill-Charity.