Gloucester boards take look at supplementary use regulations

by Melany Slaughter - Posted on Feb 12, 2020 - 05:08 PM

In a joint meeting Tuesday night, Gloucester supervisors and planners took a look at a proposed zoning ordinance rewrite for supplementary use regulations which cover everything from indoor and outdoor firing ranges to outdoor uses pertaining to commercial and private camping, hunting and fishing clubs and animal uses.

Carol Rizzio, the county’s senior comprehensive planner, presented the proposal during the work session which was held in the Gloucester Library, Main Street Center.

Planners and supervisors discussed safety and courtesy regulations for firing ranges. Parameters discussed include the lot size of firing ranges and distance of firing ranges from schools, parks, libraries and residences. Members of the two boards agreed that they would like to follow U.S.  Department of Energy standards moving forward with firing range regulations.

Another item discussed at the work session was outdoor uses. Regulations for commercial and private camping were discussed. Concerns of people camping on their property for extended periods of time, including sanitary issues, worried members of both boards. 

Regulations for animal uses that include domestic pets and kennels and animal shelters were discussed. They also considered the appropriate acreage for keeping domestic pets and livestock. Members had concerns about commercial stables generating traffic. Home occupations were not brought up during the discussion.

Planners and supervisors also considered the Planning Commission priorities for 2020. Priorities for this year include finishing the discussion on article 9, focus group testing and reviewing article 14, administrative procedures, article 15, enforcement and article 3, official zoning map. Potential priorities for next year include creating a working waterfront district and parking and cluster ordinances.