Specifications changed for aids to navigation

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Sep 11, 2019 - 03:27 PM

After receiving no bids on a request for proposals that was issued in June, Mathews County has changed the specifications for aids to navigation to be installed in Davis Creek and Hole in the Wall. Interested marine contractors are asked to submit bids by Friday, Sept. 27.

Now, instead of multiple-pile wood structures, the county is asking for the construction of 16-inch single-pile private aids to navigation.

Mathews County Planning and Zoning Director Thomas Jenkins said that he had talked to contractors about why the county had received no bids for the project, and his understanding is that most of them are booked up through the fall and winter.

In response, Jenkins also restructured the bidding to allow for contractors to bid on the installation of the pilings separately from the installation of the equipment on top. That way, the pilings can be driven by a company as it moves from one job to another, he said.

In another change, there is the option to use ½-inch PVC board for the dayboards rather than the previously-required marine plywood or aluminum sheets.

“My hope is we’ll get a little more attention and someone will see a blip in their schedule for us,” said Jenkins.

The new invitation for bids on the project was issued Aug. 29.